Im-a-Genie is a creative service transforming vision into reality. Guiding people and teams to map their direction in life, business, community, and governance projects.

IMAGENIE…envision your point. I’m-a-Genie provides ‘The Eye in the Sky’ perspective and works as an inner GPS guidance system, to better orientate yourself in navigating your direction in life or business, community projects, or government engagement initiatives. Our team facilitation service turns ideas into action through ‘Unified Vision Mapping’. Encompassing a diversity of viewpoints and assembling all the pieces of the puzzle to focus on ‘The Whole Big Picture.'  

Consultancy services centre on ‘Designing Innovative Conscious Enterprises.' A collaborative process to build an evolutionary organisation by mimicking nature’s intelligent geometric and fractal patterns. Far beyond conventional business planning with a focus on sustainability in this new circular economy. Encapsulating your enterprise to visually ‘transform the art of work into a work of art.' If you wish to master your mind, then this co-creative workshop in ‘Learning how to Learn’, will serve you well. ‘Unbottle the Creative Magic of Mind Maps’ to release your inner genius and join up your team's thinking  * One-to-one coaching focuses on ‘Self Creation’ to gain crystal clarity about your ‘Great Lifework’. Discover the meaningful ‘Game of Difference’ you, are destined to play in the world!

Join our 'Viewpoints' network of original thinkers to keep in touch about what’s on & what’s new. Gain new professional connections for a reciprocal advantage by growing local enterprise ecosystems. Summon your personal ‘Business Innovation Genie’ for that extra spark of magical advantage and transform your vision into reality.

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