Divine Alchemys Secret Cauldron

We invite you to come join us & enjoy our magical space. We aim to provide you with the highest quality hand poured candles, a beautiful selection of crystals, books, tarot cards, crystal light bed healing sessions & readings.

Here at Divine Alchemy's Secret Cauldron, we bring you an amazing magickal space, surrounded by calm, positive energy. Our aim is to bring some true magic back into this world. We hand-pour all of the beautiful candles in the shop, each candle a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is full of magickal energy. We provide healing sessions with our very own Crystal Light Therapy bed, a 15 minute session under these and you'll feel more centred, balanced and realigned. We have a large range of high-quality crystals in all shapes and sizes to cater for all budgets. If you're after some extra direction or advice with things going on in your universe, we can book you in with one of our qualified readers. We also stock a large range of books, herbs, tarot and oracle cards and an array of magical items and tools. If you're in Victoria, come say hello!

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