Emerald Arts Society

The Emerald Arts Society is home to a broad range of members, from professional artists to those that enjoy being creative and want to explore new mediums. Beginners of all ages are welcome.

Emerald Arts Society welcomes a spectrum of members, from professional Artists to people who just want to have a go at something.

Life Class participants at Emerald Arts Society
Our tutorials and workshops reflect the varied level of talent and competence, that is the rich fabric of the membership.

We are a community organisation with a democratic constitution. The intrinsic value of the Emerald Arts Society to the Cardinia Community is in its continuing longevity. The experience and outcomes the Society provides are varied, based on personal requirements and how the individual chooses to interact with the Society’s programme offerings.

We provide opportunities for study and consultation with professional and experienced artists whose advice can be invaluable to those wishing to pursue their interest in art.

Some of our Members are more focused on the social aspects of a cuppa with friends at a tutorial,  on a field trip or wine and cheese during the Annual Emerald Art Show  … YES … we are a group that embraces the finer things of life – and a varied experience is valued and promoted for the good of all members.

In leading the Cardinia Community in Fine Artistic pursuits for over  40 years, we are looking forward to the future – the next 40 years of contributing towards our National identity.

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