Grace & Louie Booksellers

Independent bookstore stocking a wide selection of new fiction and non fiction for adults, teens and children.

New to Emerald in September 2023, we welcome Grace and Louie Booksellers to the village.

Stocking a selection of new fiction and non-fiction for adults, teens and children, Grace and Louie Booksellers provides a carefully curated selection of quality titles to appeal to the local and visitor market. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask and chances are that it can be ordered in for you.

A range of designer cards, wraps and stationery to complement book purchases is available.

Children’s readings and book clubs will launch in 2024, as will a loyalty program which will give access to news, special offers and discounts.

Local resident, Lyn Watson has combined her lifelong love of books with her many years of business experience to create her store on the corner of Kilvington Drive and Heroes Avenue. Lyn looks forward to welcoming you in store and helping you with all things book related.

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