Myrtle Road

Myrtle Road Collective - A place for connection, discovery and growth in life and business. Services included Consultancy, Business Coaching, Floristry and much more.

The Myrtle Road Collective is bringing together a myriad of my skills, knowledge, networks and passions to give you, maybe a new insight, a new connection, a new road to travel or just some joy through connecting with flowers and plants.

With respect to the services I provide;
Consultancy, Coaching & Collaboration services comes from my broad knowledge of running different types of small businesses
Floristry and Plants comes from my horticultural background.
Geomancy comes from my connection with nature and the land.
Sustainability is also woven through the services I provide. I have recently completed a Floristry Sustainability course and am committed to being an advocate and educator in this arena as well as through business coaching.

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