Summer Snow Juice

Summer Snow is all Australian, all fruit, and nothing else.

At Summer Snow Juice, we reckon that apples are not all created equal and should be juiced to celebrate their own individual personalities. Our 100% Australian made juices are made from real fruit - no concentrates, no preservatives, no added colours or flavours and nothing artificial. We make sure we pick the best apples, crush ‘em in our big press and bottle it 'em to keep that ‘just picked’ taste and nutrients inside. Because our juices are pressed cold, the gentleness of our process ensures the unique taste of each apple variety is fully captured in every juice. 

Sparkling Range:
  • Granny Smith & Mint 
  • Pink Lady
  • Pink Lady & Raspberry
  • Packham Pear

Still Range:
  • Fuji Apple Juice
  • Golden Delicious Apple Juice
  • Granny Smith Apple Juice
  • Pink Lady Apple Juice
  • Royal Gala Apple Juice
  • Traditional Apple Juice
  • Pear Juice Variety Blend
  • Apple & Ginger Juice
  • Apple and Lemon Juice
  • Apple and Pear Juice
Apple Cider Vinegar:
  • Organic natural apple cider vinegar with the mother on site at Bellevue Orchard.
Our Summer Snow Juice online store is open 24/7 or visit Bellevue Farm Gate at 544 Brown Rd, Officer VIC 3809. We supply Summer Snow sparkling apple juices and still apple juices to cafes, green grocers and independent supermarkets.

About Bellevue Orchard
Our family own and operated orchard, Bellevue Orchard in Officer, West Gippsland, has been growing apples for four generations, and making apple juice for over 20 years. After a freak summer hail storm ruined our crop in 1998, we invented 'Summer Snow', it changed the course of the business forever. Several months, late nights at the orchard and a little imagination later, we converted the storm-kissed fruit into first class Australian apple juice. In 2012, we decided to plant a range of heritage cider apple varieties on our orchard. After a long wait and several years of anticipation, we released Trattore - our unique apple cider made from these rare varieties.

We're an imaginative farming family, growing great Australian fruit, and making fantastic juice, for the people you love. | | |

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