Trattore Cider

100% Australian ciders we love to make, drink and share. Family owned, locally grown and made in West Gippsland.

Trattore Cider is inspired by traditional methods and refreshingly modern flavours. Our apples and ciders taste like none other with our amazing Gippsland soil and climate. No preservatives and made with only real, Australian fruit, straight from the family orchard and other local orchards. 

We grow, crush, ferment and bottle on our working orchard in Officer. Every bottle of our cider contains years of sunshine, rain, hard work and care. 

Our family own and operated orchard, Bellevue Orchard in Officer, Victoria, has been growing apples for three generations and making apple juice for over 20 years. Back in 2012, we decided to plant a range of heritage cider apple varieties on our orchard. Our mission is to provide customers with a quality alcoholic cider that has no preservatives and is made with only real, Australian fruit straight from our family orchard. 

We're proud of Trattore and its range of sophisticated, boutique Australian ciders:
- Trattore West Country: Traditional English-style cider honouring the history and roots of the apple varieties with a modern Australian cider twist. 
- Trattore New World: Light and fresh style of a New World apple cider.
- Trattore Earthen Pear: New World style cider showcasing the clean, delicate character of fresh pear. 
- Trattore Draught: Fresh and light apple cider.

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