The Lost Woods Market

The Lost Woods Market

Puffing Billy, Emerald Station

Welcome to The Lost Woods Market – where the spirit of adventure meets the heart of local love! Jaq and Emily, the dynamic duo behind this endeavour, found inspiration in the magic of their shared passion. Fuelled by the love they share for all things unique, eclectic, and community-driven, the idea for The Lost Woods Market was born during one of those unforgettable holiday moments.

The Lost Woods Market is not just a marketplace; it's a labor of love that brings together the essence of Jaq and Emily's vision in one extraordinary space. Picture this: a marketplace adorned with the spirit of adventure, where each corner resonates with the warmth of local love. It's a place where dreamers and doers unite, celebrating the joy of discovery and the beauty of collaboration.

2nd Saturday of every month, 9am - 2pm

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