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Flavour Bomb Cafe

A unique fusion of Asian inspired cuisines ranging from banh mi, sushi, rice paper rolls, Japanese pancakes and trendy rice bowls.

Open Wednesday to Saturday


Meet the Flavour Bomb family

The Flavour Bomb cafe is a family business run by locals Shantelle, Jason, and their two sons Isaiah and Valentino who work at the Restaurant.

Their passion & vision draws on Jason's East Timorese background and love for their traditional dishes & learning from his Grandma's cooking. Jason and his brothers were brought to Australia and raised by his grandma when he was two years old.

When Covid hit and the loss of his Grandma last year gave Jason the time to turn his passion into reality. The family's original intention was to open a food truck until they came across Your Local Pantry which was up for sale in Emerald in early 2023.

Shantelle & Jason bought the business at the end of March, renovated the shop themselves and opened on the 20th May. The family live locally in Cockatoo, and with not many Asian options available in the area wanted to open a restaurant that had delicious food, a warm ambience and provide exceptional service.

Sometimes things are meant to be and Flavour Bomb is one of those things. The restaurant has already gained a strong customer base & following with good vibes, good food and a warm atmosphere.

4/329 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd, Emerald. 5968 3461

Posted: Tue 11th Jul 2023 Last Updated: Tue 11th Jul 2023

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